Gift giving ideas…

Just wanted to say there is still time to have your photos scanned or video transferred to DVD before Christmas. Makes a unique and always appreciated gift. Or if you wanted to make a photobook but just don’t have the time, I can help with that too.  Also available…photo restoration. Do you have an old photo that means the world to you or a family member but it just needs some TLC? I can scan your photo and return it to you immediately and then improve your scanned photo and send the digital image to you by email (other options available). You can then upload your photo (or I can do it for you) to a photo sharing website to either share or make photo products.

Oh and if you like any of these ideas but just don’t have the time to go through photos,  another option would be to give a gift certificate.

This blog will not be all about selling so check back often for photo tips, sample videos, cool links, and whatever else interests me at the time. I’m still learning how to use wordpress so bear with me. Next I’m going to be adding my own graphics (logo, photos, videos). How hard could it be? lol.

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