Organizing Your Photos

We all have family photos. But photographs and other mementos can be overwhelming if not properly stored and organized. Make it a family affair, reliving the memories as you sort the many images you’ve collected year after year. Here are some quick tips to make the job less stressful…

– Only keep the best shots!Throw out anything out of focus, duplicated or pointless like your feet or the ceiling.

– Use an acid free marker to write the date and names of people on the back of the photo.

– Categorize by date, season, or topic (holiday, vacation, birthday party…).

– Keep photos together in one place such as a photo box, scrapbooks or photo albums. Invest in archival-quality photo boxes, albums or scrapbooks.

– Do not store photos in the basement, attic, or garage. They will need a cool dry place.

– There are many ways to display photos. Scrapbooking is a good way to store and display those family memories. There are many tutorials and supplies to be found on the internet. Photos can also be displayed under tabletop glass, or in frames. I’ve even seen photos displayed using an old french door or a  VHS case. Be creative and make it fun.

Tarantella Studios can scan your photo so you can display it in a frame and store the original. In fact I can scan your whole collection for you to store on DVD which you can store in a safe deposit box for added security against fire, flood or other mayhem.Then just pick your favorites to print. This is a great way to back up your collection and keep it safe.

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