Snowflake Bokeh


So, who’s getting a new camera for Christmas? Here’s something to play with while you learn to use your camera’s manual features.

Bokeh is the blurred lights you often see in the background of photographs when the focus is on a subject in the foreground and a wide aperture is used. This technique can create an interesting effect in portraiture and abstract images but it can be even more interesting with custom shapes punched in paper and held over the lens.



In these photos I changed the shape of the bokeh using black poster board, duct tape, and a snowflake hole punch. Click for the tutorial and much better photos.

I tried to practice with my dog but she was more interested in the treats and the fact that I was sitting on the floor which is her cue to wrestle.
Whoopie and snowflake bokeh

All I got of her was an ear as she darted out of the frame (but the bokeh looked good). Then I tried with my 7 year old who was about to go out to play with his friend and not the least bit interested in sitting still for pictures.DSC_3093
so I snapped a couple of quick (blurry) shots. Next time I’ll use a tripod.


So it was up to Grace. She sat perfectly still. She has some limitations but she did a great job. I, on the other hand need a lot more practice.



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